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ArtPlz! Regime Change

You all may have noticed lately that ArtPlz! has taken a slight turn in terms of how we're doing things. It's unfortunate, but because of some irreconcilable differences, n (Arcturus) will no longer be leading ArtPlz!'s efforts. He will, despite this, be welcome to stick around to help us as a consultant if he so desires. In addition, we will maintain his title for history's sake as the founder of ArtPlz!.

Meet the New Leadership

As far as the current leadership is concerned, arshes, _nobuyuki, and nrr will be in control of the whole affair. While there are some disadvantages that come along with a distribution of power and authority like this, they are largely caused by lack of communication and documentation. The inherent advantage is that progress on the site is compartmentalized by more than just one person, and as such, tasks can be specialized.

In our case, we have some very talented and devoted individuals:

Arshes Nei comes to us with a long-running background in copyright and trademark law and Web site maintenance. She and her crack team of writers and proofreaders will ensure that every facet of ArtPlz! will be documented. In addition, her past experience with copyrights and trademarks will give ArtPlz!'s users the added edge and knowledge they need in order to be successful artists. She also likes to crack her whip in an effort to herd everyone into behaving. Arshes Nei's the sane one.

Nobuyuki is the head of aesthetics and visual design, and he's largely the one to blame for opting to use Shobon as our mascot. When it comes to designing the visual components of ArtPlz!, he'll have a large influence. You can blame him then for that too. Nobuyuki's the artistic one.

nrr is our resident code monkey and mad computer scientist; most of his time is spent in a development environment in hopes of building ArtPlz! the way it was meant to be built. He will also be responsible for making sure that the machines running everything are kept well-powered and happy once ArtPlz! grows up. He has a penchant for starting sudden violent outbursts involving the shortcomings of modern computers and software. nrr's the complainy one.

The challenge for us will be working efficiently and effectively together. However, given who we have leading the project, we're certain that working for a common goal such as ArtPlz! will be a worthy challenge.

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Jesus Christ... what is wrong with everyone lately? Is everyone really this desperate to placate to anyone they think is 'important' or do they really care so much about their imaginary 'moral' issues? The vast majority of the complaints being put up about Chanplz and Arshes leaving are pure conjecture. I'm sorry, but your hypothesis about Arc's thinking or character are just bullshit. Your interpretations of the 'moral' issues of chanplz come to little more than pseudo-philosophy. If you want to show artists your appreciation by obsessing over DNP lists, fine, and that's admirable: however, if someone behaves differently it doesn't mean they don't respect artists, it just means their beliefs are either less thought out or simply are different.

The Chanplz 'fiasco' does not mean Arc is a bad person. 99% of you don't know him, just like I don't, and therefore you should not be making any assumptions about him or why he does anything. Some of you practically sound like conspiracy theorists. This situation certainly doesn't mean that this site is failing, that it will be untrustworthy, or that it is associated with Satan. Mostly this shows me that some certain people like stirring up drama, then complaining about all the drama.

By the way, the reason this fandom is so full of drama is because of you people.
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I have started a community on LiveJournal for furries who wish to discuss furries in a furry community where they will not be made fun of or mocked, as we all know in many furry communities, the furry communities are not safe havens for discussion of furries, for the furries will mock them for being furries. So to fight this I have created fur_furs. I apologize for the spam but please join, it will only be a good community with plenty of members!

Thank you. =:o)
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Withdrawing Support/Retirement

This will also be crossposted.


I regret to inform you all that I will no longer support Artplz or continue working on this project.

Chanplz is in direct conflict of what Artplz is about, not to mention now became priority over Artplz.

I understand Arcturus is busy and doesn't like to code, but in opening up Chanplz this makes Artplz nothing out to be liars. It gives the impression that we have no intentions of working on Artplz.

Due to this I will no longer work on this project unless Arcturus reconsiders his support and involvement on Chanplz.

I apologize to the users because I know this will affect them the most, however, having a site like Chanplz and in posession of user's old files from FA this is not a sign of good will and tramples upon many moral issues. I cannot be a part of that.

I will be happy to work with anyone however willing to create a gallery because that has been my ultimate goal is to help create something more beneficial to the users.

Again, I apologize to those affected by this decision.
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Where is everyone?

Ok, seriously... I've been waiting for some discussion to start on here, but the first post is still the only post in the community. Where are you people? why aren't we talking about anything? Is there any information on the site yet? Like, when it will open?
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